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She is the only Mexican harp player in Japan. Her musical history took off in an academia directed by an honorable harpist, Chucho De Mexico, having being inspired by his great performance when she was six years old. With initial struggles, she challenged herself in establishing firm grounding in Latin music under his guidance. After this ten-year dedication, she made up her mind to further learn in Mexico, where a Paraguay harpist Celso Duarte lived, so that she could gain practical techniques. This was when she was just sixteen.  One year later, she also sophisticated her skills with a Mexican harpist Alberto De La Rosa in Mexico. Eventually, she made a great debut at the age of twenty as the only professional in Japan. Since the debut, she regularly performed at State-held concerts and festivals organized by Veracruz State. She then launched concert tours in Tokyo, Sendai, Kyoto and Hiroshima to commemorate her third album released at the age of twenty-three. Especially, the concerts held in four cities of Veracruz State got fabulous reviews. This led her to appear in national radio and TV programs as a representative of Japan. Since 2014, she’s offered huge opportunities to show her melodies in International Arpa Festival held both in Columbia and Mexico. 

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